Welcome to SellBitcoins.com, home of the world's first personalized physical Bitcoin cards. To create your own Bitcoin cards you can enter your name, title, phone number and/or email address. Then choose a design or upload your company logo. These gift cards are a simple and secure way to give someone Bitcoins or to introduce someone to Bitcoin. To use a card just scratch off and enter it's secret key through our website. Then enter a bitcoin address to get your Bitcoins immediately, or create a wallet where your bitcoins can be stored. To get your own Bitcoin cards, please fill out the form below and then make a payment. We'll print off your cards and send them to you ASAP; shipping may take up to one week. This website was created in partnership with BuyBitcoins.com and BitcoinGiftCard.org.

We currently have two types of cards: dollar denominated cards and Bitcoin denominated cards. If you choose to print dollar denominated cards, you can put $1, $5, $20, $50 or $100 on each card. Dollar cards are converted into Bitcoin when redeemed. Or you can purchase Bitcoin denominated cards for which no conversion is required.

The cost of these cards is $0.20 per card plus a 3% fee on the value of each card. Additionally, shipping is $2.00 to the United States and $5 internationally. You can pay by Bitcoin for free, or you can pay by PayPal for a 3.5% fee. For dollar-denominated cards, costs can be passed along by applying a built-in fee in question 4. For example, you could select a 10% built-in fee for your cards. This would give you a 10% discount on this order, but whoever ends up redeeming each card would pay a 10% fee when exchanging their card for Bitcoins.

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